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Keep up with the latest news about our organization and services. NuVizions in Ahoskie and Henderson, NC, is committed to providing community assistance programs that better our communities those who live in them. Look below for news updates to learn about the latest happenings at our community-enriching organization.

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Job Openings 

NuVizions LLC Henderson Office is looking for people who are self-sufficient and passionate about helping others who are in need. We are looking for selfless individuals who love to work and make differences in others lives. Currently we are looking to add to our team. We are hiring the following:

Office Manager

Office managers coordinate and oversee administrative duties within the office and ensure that the office operates efficiently and smoothly. This position’s responsibilities include making sure that visitors are greeted, personnel records are maintained properly according to Federal, state, program, and agency rules and regulations; and ensuring that the file room and all medical records are maintained properly and according to agency policy. 

Make sure that Orientation is completed within the required parameter for programs according to agency policy and as mandated by state/program rules; Responsible for initiating the hiring process - performing background checks, SBI and Health Care registry checks – Organize orientation and trainings of new staff; Maintain and upkeep employee training records; upkeep of annual trainings needed – ensure that all staff are properly trained and notified about upcoming trainings needed and/or scheduled; 

Minimum education requirement: GED/High School Diploma with at lease 2 years of prior experience working with the population served.

 Qualifications: Good interpersonal and time management skills; possess the ability to multitask and prioritize work; have strong organizational and planning skills in a fast paced environment; have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Pay close attention to detail and problem solving. Must have hands on experience with office machines (e.g. fax machines and printers); have experience with Microsoft Office.

Outpatient Therapist MH/SA

Seeking an outpatient therapist to work in a mental health clinic with a growing, dedicated group of professionals! 

Licensed Eligible Professionals must have a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in the field of human services and be registered with their respective Board in the State of North Carolina. 

This is a contracted position with a flexible schedule-based Agency needs or in response to needs of the serviced community; tele-health services are permitted. 

Duties of the Individual include bute are not limited to: · Provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy sessions; Provide mental health assessments that identify needs and recommend options for care for individual, family, and/or group counseling; Provide coordinated care/collaboration by initiating or participating in client- centered consultation with internal and external providers; Implement creativity and knowledge of non-traditional interventions to be implemented in therapy. Communicate client progress and treatment needs to clients, families and professionals; Complete progress notes and treatment plans; Understanding the individuality of clients in order to formulate specific treatments that meet their needs; Have an understanding of the DSM-V and how to incorporate it into treatment; Demonstrate and comply with knowledge of ethical standards; Maintain confidential information within HIPPA guidelines and organizational policies. Provide crisis intervention as needed. 

Education and Experience  

Master’s degree accredited college or university in the field of mental health and/or substance abuse; An active license as an LPC/LCSW/LMFT/LCAS or Licensed Eligible Professional from the respective state boards in North Carolina; A minimum of one year experience in providing counseling, psychosocial assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, co-occurring disorders, short-term, evidenced based counseling, crisis intervention, and/or psychotherapy services.· 

IPS-Supported Employment (IPS-SE) 

Individual Placement and Support-Supported Employment (IPS-SE) is a person-centered, behavioral health service with a focus on employment, that provides assistance in choosing, acquiring, and maintaining competitive paid employment in the community for individuals 18 years and older for whom employment has not been achieved or employment has been interrupted or intermittent. This service is co-located with an agency’s behavioral health treatment services to ensure consistent behavioral health integration. In the event that a provider of IPS-SE does not also provide behavioral health services, the provider must partner with one or two behavioral health agencies with a signed MOU/MOA. The target populations for this model are individuals with serious to severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), and co-occurring disorders. This service is provided by Employment Support Professionals (ESPs) and Employment Peer Mentors (EPMs) who are trained in national research standards that support the vocational needs of individuals and promote community connections and employment success. 

The foundation for this service definition is the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) evidence-based Supported Employment model and SE Fidelity Scale developed by the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center and promoted by SAMHSA1. Additional approaches (including Customized Employment, Self-Employment and Business-Led Internships) may be used under the umbrella of IPS-SE to assist individuals in securing competitive employment in the community that fits their particular needs, interests, and skills while enabling workplace success.

Lead ESP Job Description 

The Lead Employment Specialist Professional has to possess a full understanding and application of the evidence based model and applicable approaches as described in Table 1, blow is required. In additional to providing the Supported Employment/Long Term Vocational Supports critical elements – Critical elements of Supported Employment include: Development of the Person-Centered Employment Plan & Career Profile; Benefits Counseling; Behavioral Health Integration; Addressing Barriers to Employment; Employment Peer Mentorship; Rapid Job Search and Systematic Job Development; Employer Contacts; Business Relations; Community-Based Assessment; Disclosure; Job Accommodations and Assistive Technology; Job Entry and Job Site Training and Support; Face to face contacts, with frequency dependent on level of current need (i.e., daily, weekly, bi-weekly), with an eventual fade to less frequent support. 

Employment Staff Level Requirements, Experience and Qualifications - 1.0 FTE, dedicated IPS-SE Team Lead (also referred to as Lead ESP) who is a Qualified Mental Health Professional. The Team Lead shall have at least 6 months of vocational experience and/or be a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP). The Team Lead may supervise other IPS-SE staff (maximum of 10) including additional ESPs and EPMs. 

Employment Support Professional (ESP) Job Description 

ESP: Employment Support Professional (ESP): Knowledge and application of the evidence-based model and applicable approaches as described in Table 1 is required. In addition to providing the Critical elements of IPS-SE (career profile, benefits counseling, behavioral health integration, addressing barriers to employment, rapid job search, systematic job development, support with disclosure, job accommodations/assistive technology, follow along supports, career and education development and ongoing skill building and psychiatric rehabilitation,) ESPs are responsible for: Developing the Person Centered Employment Plan for individuals assigned to him or her; Complete Career Profiles within the require timeframes according to the IPS-SE service model – complete within the first 30 days and update accordingly throughout the entire employment process; Participate in Behavioral Health integration; Represent NuVizions, LLC with dignity, pride and professionalism; Understanding how to address barriers to employment for their caseload; Understanding Systematic Job Development; Perform rapid job search; Support individuals with Disclosure before, during and after employment; assist effectively with job accommodations/assistive technology; Follow along supports; Career and education development and ongoing skills building and psychiatric rehabilitation; Collaborating with EPMs, outside behavioral health providers, families, natural supports; housing, transportation, and other community service providers who support the individual; Coordinating services and assuring person-centeredness in all aspects of the service planning process; Developing holistic, integrated interventions.

Employment Staff Level Requirements, Experience and Qualifications - 1.0 FTE Employment Support Professional who may be a Qualified Professional (QP), Associate Professional (AP), or Paraprofessional (PP) and has the required experience serving the MH/SA population.

Employment Peer Mentor (EPM) Job Description 

 The Employer agrees to employ the Employee as a IPS-SE Employment Peer Mentor. The Employee will be expected to perform the following job duties: 

  • EPMs offer hope and motivation by drawing from their lived experience and their own employment experiences to encourage other individuals to seek and maintain employment, wellness, and community integration. Employment Peer Mentors do not hold their own caseloads, but they can support any and all individuals enrolled in the program and provide the critical elements of IPS-SE as needed. Promoting self-determination, recovery, self-advocacy, and self-direction; assisting individuals in identifying strengths; wellness goals; setting objectives, and identifying barriers; Attending treatment team meetings with the individual to promote the individual's use of self-directed advocacy tools; assisting the individual in goal planning and participating with the individual and the ESP in the development of PCP or Employment Plan; assisting the individual in learning how to ask for appropriate services in community; Engaging individuals in other programs and services to encourage employment; Modeling self-advocacy skills for addressing disclosure issues or requesting job accommodations; Teaching wellness management strategies and helping individuals develop their own self-management plan and tools to use in the workplace and in their personal lives; using manualized strategies such as Illness Management and Recovery (IMR)/Wellness Management and Recovery (WMR), Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), and others; Connecting to support groups in the community to learn from other peers, to promote hope, to problem-solve through work situations, and to decrease social isolation; Providing education to other team ESPs to increase their understanding of self-advocacy and peer support roles, and to promote a culture in which an individuals’ points of view and preferences are recognized, understood, respected, and integrated into service delivery; Providing resources and teaching transportation skills for work; Sharing his or her own personal story to model how to choose, obtain, and keep employment; Supporting individuals in making informed decisions about supported employment and building community connections; Supporting the individuals in the vocational choices they make and supporting them in overcoming job-related concerns; Building social skills in the community that will enhance job acquisition and tenure; Assisting in overcoming barriers to employment and addressing workplace challenges; Assisting in obtaining the proper documentation necessary for employment; Researching with the individual businesses and/or industries in which the person is interested; Assisting the individual in completing applications, resumes, cover letters, etc.;

 Essential Qualifications - Certified Peer Specialist/or willingness to work towards becoming certified; High School Diploma/GED; Willingness to share personal experiences; Two years of experience in community mental health; Knowledge of mental health diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments; Knowledge of federal and state laws governing the handling of confidential information; Excellent verbal and written communication skills, highly organized; Possess a strong commitment to principles of recovery and consumer’s participation in their own service planning; Ability to create and maintain professional boundaries; Attend Orientation as per Agency policy.

IPS-SE Program Assistant

 At NuVizions, LLC, the responsibilities of the IPS-SE Program Assistant plays an active supporting role on the IPS-SE team. The Program Assistant provides a full range of supports to the team, including but not limited to: Organizing, coordinating, and monitoring all administrative operations of the team; Record management; Entering and tracking team performance beneficiary outcome data; Running reports; Receiving calls and responding to referral sources; Managing authorization requests; Assisting with organizational record-keeping; Managing human resources and continuing education files for ESPs; and Scheduling activities.

 Essential Qualifications - A minimum education of a HS/GED and who preferably has been employed in any capacity in the past; Excellent verbal and written communication skills; highly organized able to use the computer (Word and Excel).

Any interested candidates please forward your resumes to All resumes will be reviewed and all individuals shall be contacted. Thank you.

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